Should drive-thru ban be considered?

by Castanet Staff – Story: 37085
Feb 4, 2008 / 4:12 pm


The thought of banning drive-thru windows at fast food restaurants in Kelowna is not on the immediate radar of City Council.

The City of North Vancouver is considering a bylaw which would ban future restaurants from installing drive-thru windows.

Similar bylaws are being contemplated in London and Hamilton Ontario and in Edmonton.

Santa Cruz California has had a ban in place since 1979.

Kelowna City Manager, Ron Mattiussi, says the city has moved slowly in that direction, but doesn’t anticipate anything imminent.

"We do have an idling bylaw which is in some ways a different way of approaching it," says Mattiussi.

"I guess we’re sort of tip-toeing in that direction."

Mattiussi says he hasn’t heard any direct comments from City Councillors in regards to restaurant drive-thrus, but thinks Council could move in that direction.

"We’ve actually discouraged drive-thrus in our town centres, where we think the focus should always be on the pedestrian. You’ll notice the Tim Horton’s in the Mission doesn’t have a drive-thru."

He likens the issue to that of pesticides, where it starts from the grassroots level and builds a head of steam to the point when somebody says, "why aren’t we doing it," and the debate begins.


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